Yesterday was a super heavy eating day, so today was a recovery day! It was actually a really fun day, though, and I made some things I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.

For lunch, I made zucchini sticks from some of the squash we have in our fridge (I think I still have 10 more varieties of squash left in there!). These were really really good! I started with this recipe but ended up not sticking to it too closely. I chopped up three zucchini, dipped them in egg white, and coated them with panko bread crumbs, then added salt and pepper. Really easy! The recipe called for regular, whole wheat bread crumbs (which I didn’t have) as well as parmesan cheese in that mixture, which I’m sure is really good. Baked them for 20 minutes at 475. Delicious!

I also made two artichokes, which have been sitting in the fridge for days after I bought them on sale at Trader Joe’s last week. I’ve never made them myself and don’t think I’ve had fresh artichoke since my mom used to make them when I lived at home. I steamed them for 20 minutes, while the zucchini sticks were cooking, and before tossing them in the pot tucked some chopped garlic and butter underneath the leaves.

The two of these were actually really filling for lunch, and pretty light all in all! I considered half the pan of zucchini sticks to be about 3 points plus, and one artichoke to be just one point (for the butter).

Dinner was really good, and I’m proud of myself for definitely moving outside my comfort zone a bit, food-wise. I thought this recipe¬†from a vegan blog looked really good, and I’m a huge fan of sweet potato, so I decided to try it out. I had to go to Whole Foods yesterday to buy the nutritional yeast, which I’ve been reading a little bit about. It has a lot of nutritional benefits, and is high in protein and B12.

I have to admit, the yeast sounded, looked, and smelled pretty nasty, and I didn’t have high hopes for this recipe while I was making it. Especially since I’m such a cheese-lover, and a lot of vegans use yeast as a pseudo-cheese substitute. I was starting to wonder if I’d take one bite of this pasta — which, in its creamy, orange-y goodness looked sort of like baked ziti (YUM) — and be totally turned off.

BUT, it was actually amazing-tasting! Which I’m glad about because there’s a pound of it and I spent $10 on the can of nutritional yeast :) It was surprisingly sweet (probably from the sweet potatoes) and the fresh tarragon added a lot.

I’m also excited about how healthy the pasta was, since it contained two whole sweet potatoes, fiber from the whole wheat pasta, and protein from the tofu and yeast. Erik loved it too, and it’s definitely going in my lunch tomorrow. The pasta was tough to calculate points for, but I estimated 5 points for the pasta (which I always estimate on a cup of whole wheat pasta of any kind) and about 2 points for one share of the sauce mixture, since the entire brick of tofu was 10 points, the yeast was 2 points, and there was also some butter distributed throughout.

We also ate the coconut chia pudding for desert, which I loved. It’s definitely understated, since I left out the sugar/sweetener, but very fruity and coconut-y. I’d definitely make this again! Not sure Erik loved it, though — he added honey to his.

PS…Mango will not leave us alone at dinner. She just likes to sit there and watch us eat, and she’s as heavy as a brick when we try and get her down. She’s so cute, though, it’s hard to say no ;)

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